● Clarify Your Needs

Before you start the recruiting and hiring process, clarify your needs since they may have changed from before the pandemic, making your previous job descriptions outdated. Are there different duties or skills needed for a particular position (or do you need to create a new position altogether?) Also, determine the nature of the position - i.e., remote vs. in-person. 

● Assess for the Right Soft Skills

During the pandemic and in the future, business continuity plans have become, and will likely continue to be, a higher priority for organizations. The soft skills that served your company in the past may no longer be relevant for the present and future. When you are preparing to hire during COVID-19, assess for the right soft skills. Look for candidates who demonstrate the ability to work autonomously, have top-notch communication and collaboration skills, and adapt to sudden change. 

● Focus on Safety

Once you have determined your recruitment and hiring strategy, consider the logistics of the process. Focus on safety, first and foremost: avoid as much physical contact as possible and utilize phone screenings and video interviewing as much as possible. If the nature of the job must be done in-person, be ready to discuss with the candidates the precautions that are in effect in your workplace, as well as any policies that need to be aware of to ensure it’s a realistic fit. 

● Update Your Onboarding Strategy

Consider how you will prepare your new hires to succeed and acclimate to the company culture within the limitations of COVID-19. Update your onboarding strategy for remote work: ensure you clearly communicate expectations and plan opportunities for new hires to interact with their colleagues in a virtual manner so they can get a sense of the company culture and feel like part of the team. 

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