Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming more available to Americans, it is important that organizations understand the essential steps and precautions to still be taken. Even though vaccines are being widely distributed, it is still essential that guidelines and safety precautions be followed. Follow these tips below to continue promoting a safe, healthy and compliant workforce.

Continue following CDC Guidelines

With both updates and recommendations being consistently updated by the CDC, it is important for organizations to still follow proper workplace guidelines. Be sure employees are wearing masks, frequently washing or sanitizing hands, maintain social distance, continue practicing clean and distanced workstations and ensure employees are following recommended guidelines. As an organization, cleaning and sanitation schedules should still be maintained regularly. Be sure to check with your local and state government regulations for additional guidelines and resources.

Promote flexible work options

If available, continue to promote flexible work policies and opportunities. Remote work stations and split schedules allow employees to still get their work done while working at home or in a safe space. Also providing flexibility for those who are caring for children, elderly or others in their family will promote employee satisfaction and the feeling of security during these uncertain times.

Offer opportunities for growth

Even though we are still in a pandemic, it is still important to focus on empowering employees to not only help them reach their goals but also to promote their successes. Focus on employee success by highlighting those who are going above and beyond in the workplace. Managers should have regular check ins with their staff to see how they are doing, review current data and upcoming projects and to discuss potential career opportunities, if applicable. It is important to ensure that employees feel their jobs are important to the organization and that their work does not go unnoticed.

Work with a staffing partner that you can trust

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