The COVID-19 pandemic drastically affected many industries, and while many companies have laid off or furloughed employees and put freezes on hiring, there are also positions where the need has skyrocketed in response. If you are looking to land a new job, here are the positions are in demand in the May 2020 job market:

1. Grocery Store Associate

Grocery stores are an essential service and are busier than ever as people are eating at home more and venturing out less. Kroger is hiring for an additional 20,000 associates, and Albertsons Companies need 50,000 associates. A grocery store cashier can make an average salary of about $15 per hour.

2. Delivery Driver

As people's shopping options are limited, online ordering has surged in demand, resulting in an increased need for delivery drivers. Amazon needs 175,000 new workers, and FedEx is looking to fill 35,000 openings. The hourly pay for a delivery driver is $15 per hour on average.

3. Warehouse Worker

Online orders also create an additional need for warehouse workers who need to pack orders and get them shipped out. Walmart is looking for 50,000 new employees for its distribution centers, and PepsiCo anticipates hiring 6,000 workers for its warehouse. Warehouse workers generally can bring home about $15 per hour.

4. Retail Associate

General merchandise stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and convenience stores are seeing an increased number of customers stocking up on home essentials, such as toiletries, medicine, and cleaning supplies. CVS needs 50,000 new workers, while 7-Eleven plans to hire 25,000 workers. Retail associates can make about $12 per hour.

5. Shopper

As people aim to limit their exposure and stay at home as much as possible, the demand has skyrocketed for shoppers to purchase and deliver their items. Instacart plans to hire 300,000 new shoppers, while Shipt announced a need for "thousands" of shoppers. Shoppers are contractors, so their pay depends on how many people they serve, so they can bring in an estimated $13 to $22 per hour plus customer tips.

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