Steps to Safe Lifting and Handling

1. Size up the load.

      - Don’t lift by yourself if it looks too heavy or awkward.

2. Make sure that you are balanced.

      - Have feet shoulder width apart with one foot beside the object and  another behind object to be lifted.

3. Bend knees and keep back straight.

4. Grip load with palms of your hand and fingers.

5. Use body weight to get load moving and then use legs to lift.

6. Keep arms and elbows near the body, keeping load close to you.

7. Change direction by moving your feet, not by twisting body.

8. To lower the object, bend your knees and don’t stoop.

9. To put object on bench or shelf, put object on shelf edge and push into position.

     - Also be cautious when reaching objects on tall shelves to prevent injury from a fallen object.

10. Make sure feet and hands are clear when placing the load.