Everyone dreads job-searching. The process can be difficult, complicated, and stressful no matter what field you’re in or how qualified you are. Thankfully, there are organizations out there that are ready to help. Working with a staffing company can take some of that stress off your shoulders and make job-searching simple.

What is a staffing company? 

In short, a staffing company is a bridge that connects people like you with companies you’ll love. Companies utilize staffing agencies to bring them qualified candidates and consult with their HR departments. They are invaluable resources to the job market. 

But how can staffing companies help you? Easy- by bringing jobs to you. Staffing agencies have databases full of open positions in a variety of fields, such as industrial, office-clerical and administrative, professional-managerial, engineering, information, technology, science, and even healthcare. No matter what job you’re looking for, staffing agencies are here to help.  

Myths about staffing companies 

Many believe that staffing companies only help those who are looking for temporary jobs. While the American Staffing Association reports that during an average year, staffing companies help around 16 million temporary and contract employees, that is not always the caseThe goal of many staffing companies is to eventually find their candidates a long-term position they are happy with- even if that position starts as a temporary job first.  

A second misconception is that staffing agencies only work with lower-skilled workers. Although staffing agencies are wonderful resources to those who are looking for jobs who may not have a high skill set, the American Staffing Association also reported 40 percent of staffing employees work in higher-skilled occupations. Staffing companies are truly a resource for all. 

Another myth about staffing companies is that their services cost an arm and a leg. In reality, a good, reliable staffing agency should be free.  If a staffing agency is asking you for money, they may not be a company you want to work with. You should never be charged to work with a staffing agency.  

Lastly, there are plenty of workers that believe staffing companies view their candidates as just another number in their computer network. That is simply not true! Staffing companies would not be able to do the work that they do without forming close, personal relationships with everyone who comes to them for help.

6 Benefits of working with a staffing company 

Now that we’ve gotten the misconceptions out of the way, it’s time to start talking about the benefits. As you may have already guessed, the expertise and personability of staffing agencies make them a great resource to all different kinds of workers. KForce and EG Workforce Solutions both created extensive lists of a staffing agency’s various benefits. We’ve combined those lists below to give you the most information: 

  1. A personal fit: When you work with a staffing company, you’re paired with a skilled recruiter that gets to know you as a person - your career goals, your preferred work environment, and your most valuable skills. They personally help you polish your resume, and will advocate on your behalf for a the right position, benefits, and salary. 

  1. More opportunities: Working with a staffing agency means having access to their wide network of possible employers. Because they work so closely with certain companies, they have key insight into what environment is the best fit for you. Recruiters will get your resume on the desk of the right employers- people you may not have known were hiring!  

  1. Streamline your options: Staffing agencies help you streamline your long list of possible employers. They will carefully go through the various job descriptions and titles to find the best fit for you. 

  1. Scheduling interviews: Once you apply for that perfect position, staffing agencies coordinate and help you prepare for interviews. If you have any concerns about your resume, your recruiter will give you tips on how to address them in an interview. Don’t be nervous, your recruiter has you covered. 

  1. Long-standing relationship: Staffing agencies don’t disappear after you secure that position. They continue to support you, check in on you, and help you adjust long after you begin working. Staffing companies can help you manage all the paperwork, payroll, benefits, and training that comes with starting a new job. They are also in constant contact with your employer to make sure you’re getting everything you need.  

  1. Flexibility after placement: One of the best things about staffing agencies is their flexibility. Recruiters understand that your new position might not be the best fit for you, and can help you transition to a different company, job, or occupation. As long as you communicate with your recruiter, they can help you leave your current or new job on good terms. 

If you are struggling with finding opportunities, choosing from offers, scheduling interviews, or are anxious about what happens after you land a job, then working with a staffing agency might just be the solution for you. 

Job-searching is already difficult as it is. Don’t make it harder on yourself! Work with a staffing agency today, and you might score that dream job tomorrow. Staffing companies are a great resource that you cannot ignore. 

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