As an industry-leading staffing firm, safety is at the core of everything we do. Typically, when people think of job safety, they think of on-the-job protections like wearing PPE or worker’s compensation. But our approach goes much further than that. Safety starts with our very first interaction with you.

When we have an available position, it is always listed on our company website,, unless it is a sensitive position to our clients. We typically try to provide as much information about the position as possible, such as pay rate, location, job duties, and more. To apply, we typically ask that you register directly on the website or submit your resume/work history to a recruiter.

Because of COVID-19, we currently conduct some of our business virtually. However, we’re always doing this through official Company channels. This means email from only, a local branch, and/or Zoom (also associated with a NescoResource email). If you’re selected for a virtual interview, we will talk to you from an official phone number or Zoom. We never ask job applicants to conduct interviews via third-party systems like Google Hangouts or personal text messages.

If we think you’re a fit for a position and the client wants to move forward, we provide an official offer letter with all of the details discussed up to this point. If you accept, then we proceed with onboarding paperwork. This is typically done online using a secure system. We will never ask for your social security number or bank account via text message or a chat tool. Our onboarding process also includes an offsite drug test and background check, which helps keep everyone safe.

Once you’re working, we have several safeguards and processes in place to keep you protected on the job. We also offer several secure ways to be paid, including Pay Cards and Direct Deposit.

At Nesco Resource, we believe your safety is essential. If you ever have concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Click here to see an infographic on our hiring process!

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