Are you in need of a more talented workforce? Have you been struggling to hire new employees? Are you unsure of how to navigate the world of modern hiring with all of its technology and advancements?

You’re not alone. Businesses across the United States often need a little help when it comes to hiring! Thankfully, there are organizations out there that can help.  Keep reading to learn how a staffing firm can help boost your business and take the burden out of hiring.

Common Misconceptions About Staffing Firms

You may have heard about staffing agencies online, or from a friend. Maybe you were told that staffing agencies only employ temporary, low-skill workers, or that they don’t meet the needs of their clients. Neither of those are the case.

When it comes to candidates, staffing agencies can help you find the best talent out there. According to the American Staffing Association, 40 percent of staffing employees work in higher-skilled occupations. Most work full time, and a large number are employed in the industrial, clerical, and professional-managerial industries.

That being said, staffing agencies can help. Nearly three million temporary and contract employees work under a staffing company during an average week in our country.

Benefits of Working With a Staffing Firm

Staffing firms can be a valuable resource to any company, big or small. They take the hassle out of hiring and take the burden off your shoulders.

Here are just a few key benefits of working with a staffing firm: 

  • A team that cares: When working with a staffing company, you’re paired with a Business Development Manager (BDM) that gets to know you, your company, and your staffing needs. They will work to find a solution until you are satisfied with your workforce, and can help manage your company at your staffing weak points.
  • Candidates come to you: Aren’t you tired of hunting for talent? With a staffing firm, candidates come to you: Aren’t you tired of hunting for talent? With a staffing firm, recruiters will do the hard part - searching for talent in the community and on the web and your BDM will present you with qualified candidates. That way, you can spend that time focusing on other things, such as improving your business, or helping the employees you already have.
  • Scheduling interviews: Your staffing firm will work with you and your candidates to smooth out the hiring process. One way they do this is by scheduling interviews. Instead of trying to work out a time to interview by yourself, a staffing firm will work as the connector between candidate and client to ensure everything goes as planned.
  • Fill positions before they’re open: You may have heard that one of the key benefits of candidates using staffing companies is that they can land a job before it’s officially open on the labor market- but think about what this means for you! Talent will come to you before you even know you need it, and you won’t have to spend as much money on job descriptions and ads.

If you need help in any of the areas listed above, then working with a staffing firm might be the thing for you. Not only would you no longer have to search for candidates, but your workforce will become more suited to your needs. Things like interviews and onboarding will become seamless parts of your company’s machine.   

What Will the Process Look Like? 

Now that we’ve got the basics down, you must be wondering: but what does working with a staffing firm actually look like? Thankfully, it’s an easy-to-understand process that’s made to help you and your company. 

Below is a step-by-step list of how your hiring strategy will change when you work with a staffing firm, and all the ways it will improve your business:  

  1. Knowing what you need: After establishing a relationship with a staffing company of your choice, you will meet with a BDM to discuss what kind of candidates you’d like to employ. Be honest with your BDM. Are you lacking a certain kind of talent? Are you having a hard time retaining employees? Do you simply not have the numbers? 

  2. Pre-screening: Did you know that staffing agencies take care of background checks, drug testing, and skill evaluation for you? When a candidate works with a staffing firm, they double-check the details of their resume, such as education and certification, before sending them to an on-site interview with you. You don’t have to worry that your candidates aren’t as qualified as they say they are. With a staffing firm, you already know!  

  3. Placement: If the interview goes well, then you’re ready for a placement. However, depending on the type of hiring you’re doing, this process may look a little different. There are two main kinds: temporary, and direct hire. According to HR Personnel Services, temp workers are often employed under the staffing firm for short-term or seasonal projects, whereas direct-hire employees are on the payroll of the company- as in, you. Either way, your staffing firm will stick around to help you with next steps.  

  4. Onboarding: Who likes to do paperwork? No one! Thankfully, with the help of a staffing firm, you won’t be doing it alone. Staffing agencies often have compliance teams that make sure you have all the necessary paperwork filled out correctly. They are a critical part of the position-filling process and ensure that each and every box is checked. There’s no need to worry about documentation when a staffing firm is around!  

With a staffing firm by your side, the hiring process becomes clearer, cleaner, and more constructive. You will find the talent that you need in no time and can spend more time enjoying the ways they improve your company, and less time worrying about interviews, documents, and finding candidates in the first place. 
No matter what woes your company is facing, staffing agencies are a sure-fire way to solve all of them. They are invaluable resources full of experts that want to see you and your employees succeed.  

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