During a recession, the general flow of the economy tends to slow down, but not come to a complete stop. Many companies must adjust their daily operations of spending, production, and even hiring activities. Adjust, not stop. Any company’s greatest skill is the ability to adapt to current events and a recession is no exception. During this time, you might be thinking “How can I adjust my workforce to match the economy and continue to be successful?” If you’ve never considered a temporary staffing agency before, now is the perfect time. Staffing firms take on the stress and hassle of hiring. After all, it’s kind of our thing. 


1. Flexibility 


What happens when you need to quickly adjust your production floor or warehouse staff to prepare for a recession? If your HR team aren’t pros at making sure you aren’t over or under staffed at the right times, this could lead to some major hiccups in the company’s daily operations. This is where the pros come in. Staffing firms are well versed in finding the right amount of people, right now. Imagine how much less stressful you’d be by allowing the experts to be, well, the experts. Whether you need 1,000 employees during the month of December to 700 by end of February, staffing firms can adapt to your needs to ensure your company continues running smoothly while you focus on other matters. Staffing firms are partners, not just vendors. Your success is our own success – things change, and so can we. 


2. Reduce Overhead Costs 


Here’s a scenario we’re all familiar with: You’re looking for a supervisor with forklift experience. You find a great candidate with amazing leadership skills, but little to no experience with a forklift. So, you take a chance – you hire Matthew and spend the next 6 months training him how to operate a forklift. 10 months later, Matthew turns in his 2 weeks' notice to be a forklift team supervisor at a competitor’s company. Those 6 months of training cost you money and you may have to repeat the pattern. 

Now you have to put that huge project on hold while you search for another suitable forklift supervisor, which in turn, also costs you money. When you partner with a staffing company, hiring becomes a priority. They prioritize hiring so you don’t have to. 


3. Hire Faster 


Staffing companies are hiring experts. We live and breathe hiring – which means they often have a database of thousands and thousands of potential candidates right at their fingertips. If the perfect candidate doesn’t exist in the database, then the hunt begins. Sure, you could do this too... while you are also processing payroll, training the new employee, creating a schedule, having team meetings... you see where we’re going here? Your job is to juggle – make hiring one less ball to the toss. 


4. Improve Retention 


In addition to finding talent, staffing firms can make recommendations on how to retain your employees. We’re sure you are very familiar with the pattern – you just trained your new picker & packer only to find out they put in their notice 2 weeks later. More retention means less training, less mistakes, and an overall better workflow. Staffing firms do the hard work for you and use their findings to make sure your workers are happy and continue to fuel your workforce. Happy talent is reliable talent. 


5. Uncover a Larger Talent Pool 


Picture This: A National Talent pool. 

The rise of remote jobs has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Employers are considering remote work now more than ever to further their staff market reach and remain fully staffed. Remote workers who do not have a need to come into the office are less likely to become sick, such as COVID-19, and use far less sick time leading to less disruptions in your workforce. Additionally, remote staff will take less time off for childcare should their child become sick too. 

Staffing firms with national presence are a perfect fit for this – with offices all over the United States, finding remote staff can be a breeze. With the right partner, hiring remote staff can be mutually beneficial for your company, the staff, and the economy. By 2025, there will be an expected number of 36.2 million Americans working entirely remotely. By jumping on the train as early as possible, you can take advantage of the reach and popularity of remote work. Unfamiliar with the remote hiring process? Our staffing experts are no strangers to hiring remote talent could this be what makes the ultimate difference in the reliability of your workforce? 


The Rise of Unemployment and What That Means for You…  

According to the US Department of Labor, as of October 2022, there is a whopping 6.1 million Americans who are unemployed. What does that mean for you? More now than ever, Americans are looking for “better” employment opportunities. Before, employees would line up another job before leaving their current job. Now, that seems to not be the case. Out of 2,200 workers who recently quit their jobs did so before finding their next job, 56% of these workers left due to poor management and 49% reported to leave due to poor work-life balance.  

This is where the staffing experts come in. People aren’t products and staffing firms know that better than anyone – if you are unsure why your employee turnover rate is high, partnering with a staffing firm would be the next best step. As a partner, staffing firms work with you and your staff to ensure you have a reliable workforce – that means more than just placing people.  


Is Working with A Staffing Firm the Right Choice for You? 

The Answer is Easy: Yes! 

Hiring and retention can be very complicated – add COVID-19 and the recession to the mix, and you have a very difficult 1,000+ piece puzzle to figure out. But who has time for that during an economic downturn? We do! Staffing is kind of our thing – and we love to share what we love to do with our partners. 

Staffing firms do the work for you. Running your company is juggling many, many objects. If hiring is one of them, wouldn’t be nice to just toss it to another set of hands? 

By partnering with Nesco Resource, you will find the staffing game to be a much easier burden. With over 10 million candidates nationally in our database, we can power your workforce with the right staff, right now. We adjust to your company needs and pain points, so you never have to worry about having too much or too little of a workforce. We make the personnel process personal. Visit Nescoresource.com today!