Many employers do not take the time to get to know their temporary employees. This is understandable, especially considering they are temporary, but realistically, these individuals are a viable part of your team and their contributions are essential to your company’s success. Studies also show that workers perform better when they feel appreciated by their employers. Continue reading to learn about the importance of knowing your temporary employees.

Facilitating Clear Communication

Clear communication is key in the workplace, but if your workers don’t feel comfortable communicating with you, they will refrain from doing so. When you take the time to learn about a temporary employee and build a rapport with them, they will feel better talking to you and expressing their views. This can be especially important when the time to work in teams arrives.

Reporting Issues in the Workplace

There’s no doubt about it – every workplace will have its share of problems, and as an employer, you rely on your employees to inform you of any potential issue that can impact productivity. As mentioned above, when a temporary employee feels comfortable communicating with you, they will be more likely to inform you of any major problems or difficulties. When employees fail to adequately report problems, overall productivity will decline.

Establishing Trust

There should be a clear element of trust between workers and employers, but studies have increasingly confirmed the fact that most Americans do not trust their employers. This is bad news for employers, who need workers who are fully committed to the success of the company. Simply put, if you want your temporary employees to trust you, make time to learn about their lives and show your appreciation. You don’t have to ask for their life story, but simply expressing interest in them can go a long way.  

Speak With a Staffing Professional

Every company needs workers it can count on, but finding reliable workers is easier said than done. When you work with Nesco Resources, we take the time to understand your staffing needs and match you with workers who are ready and willing to work hard. Contact us today to speak with a staffing professional.