To land a job in a tough job market, it is crucial to highlight the skills for which hiring managers have the greatest need. In the LinkedIn Learning 2020 Workplace Learning Report, in which LinkedIn analyzed data from more than 20 million job postings to define the skills that are in the highest demand. Check out the top five skills companies are looking for right now:

1. Creativity

The greatest skills employers are looking for is creativity. For a company to be successful, they must innovate, so workers who are able to come up with fresh new ideas and solve problems are in high demand. Highlight on your resume examples of your successful initiatives and proactive nature.

2. Persuasion

Having great ideas is not effective unless you can convince others to take them seriously, which is why persuasion skills are in high demand for employers. In your cover letter and resume, showcase how you have been able to communicate to others why an idea is promising, and how you successfully got buy-in from stakeholders, such as leadership, colleagues, or customers.

3. Collaboration

No matter how much of an expert an employee may be, if they cannot work well as part of a team, they will not help the company reach its goals. Provide clear examples of how you have been able to contribute as a group member to accomplish a shared goal.

4. Adaptability

2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has made it clearer than ever the importance of adaptability during times of uncertainty. Being flexible and able to thrive during transitions is crucial to being a top performer, so highlight instances in which you had to suddenly learn a new skill or change strategy, and how well you handled it.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or being able to perceive and understand others' emotions, and control your own, is a newly in-demand top skill that companies are looking for in 2020. During an interview, be ready to provide examples of times when you handled interpersonal conflict with a colleague or diffused a heated interaction with a customer.

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