Many organizations have recently had to quickly move as much of their workforce to remote work as possible. If remote work is not common at your company, you may not have an official policy in place. However, it can greatly affect productivity and engagement if you do not have specific parameters in place. Learn more about the importance of having a remote work policy and the key factors it should address:

It Prevents Miscommunication

The most important reason you need to implement an official remote work policy is because it prevents miscommunication. When you are not in the same place as your team, getting everyone on the same page can be challenging without having a defined set of parameters that can be referenced.

What to include in your remote work policy: Establish expectations as clearly as possible for performance standards and level of accessibility from your employees. Consider all factors that could be up for interpretation. This includes deadlines, how often to check in or provide updates, hours of availability, etc.

It Can Help with Team Building

A major hindrance with remote work is the impact it can have on team building. When you do not have the opportunities for water cooler chat and quick debriefings when colleagues cross paths, it can be difficult to build social connections and a sense of camaraderie.

What to include in your remote work policy: Communicate the importance of employees providing consistent check-ins and progress updates. Set up a preferred channel where you want your team to be accessible (for example, via Slack or Microsoft Teams) and state when/why/how you want them to use it for team communication.

It Sets Cybersecurity Protection Standards

With remote working, there is an inherent risk of sensitive information being vulnerable to hackers. It's crucial to have cybersecurity protection standards in place when employees are using their home internet and devices to access company systems and information.

What to include in your remote work policy: Set strict standards on setting passwords, not logging into work systems unless under a secure connection, and whatever other rules apply to your company's specific business needs.

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