As the holidays approach, employees may have requests regarding scheduling, flexibility, time off and more. It is important that employers know how to navigate through employee requests and ensure consistency throughout the organization. It is important that employees feel secure in their positions with opportunities for flexibility that will not hinder their success. Use the following tips to navigate employee requests this holiday season:

Provide schedules in advance

Provide employees with schedules and scheduling options in advance. Allowing associates to have adequate time for preplanning and knowing their work schedule around the holidays shows your commitment to your employees. Whether they need to prepare for childcare or assistance with transportation, having schedules ahead of time gives them advance notice that they may need.   

Promote Flexibility

It is important for employers to be flexible with employees. Provide alternative work options around the holidays such as remote opportunities if available. SHRM conducted a survey of employee holiday benefits. The findings of the survey showed that 84% of businesses stay open during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, while 15% close during that time frame. Of those that are open, more than half of those who completed the survey stated that there is some form of incentive or work premium for those who work on or around the holidays, whether it be overtime, time and a half, holiday premium for day of, or other in workplace incentives.   

Ensure policies are current and communicated

When policies are put into place in the workplace, it is essential that employees are notified and aware of any changes or deadlines that are important. Be sure to communicate any new or existing policies with employees and be sure to remind them of deadlines for each. If there is a policy for PTO and deadlines for requesting, especially around the holiday season, be sure to communicate with employees regularly. For those that do take time off and have their request approved, be sure to share the policy as a reminder for all guidelines that have been put in place.   

Keep up on COVID-10 Protocols

Keep up with COVID-19 protocols that have been implemented in your facility. Maintain sanitation schedules, social distancing procedures and continue to require facial coverings or masks. Provide adequate areas for hand washing and sanitation for employees and be sure to wipe down all high-touch surfaces frequently. For more information about workplace COVID safety precautions and winterproofing your facility for contingent workers, click here.   

Employee Status and Holiday Pay

Some organizations pay differently for employees who are full time versus part time. Be sure to communicate and remind employees qualifications for holiday pay as well as how they will be paid, if applicable. Communicate the difference between employment tiers and break down the hourly comparison for those who qualify.   

Work with a Staffing Partner you can Trust

Working with Nesco Resource will not only assist you during the holiday season with employee requests, but all year round. With over 65 years of experience, let us help you navigate employee needs as well as provide you with quality candidates to help your business grow. Contact your local branch today to learn more.