All employers strive to hire reliable candidates, but don’t always achieve this goal. Unreliable candidates can cost you money, and if you are a temp agency, make your business look unreliable as well. Fortunately, there are steps you can take as an employer to ensure you hire the most reliable candidates. If you are having difficulty attracting workers you can depend on, you may find the following information helpful.

Examine Resumes Closely

The most important aspect of the resume, in regards to determining reliability will be the work history section. By looking at this section, you can find out the following information about an applicant:  

• How long did they stay at a single job?  

• Are there a lot of gaps in work?

• Has the applicant had a lot of different jobs in different industries?

If you notice any of the issues listed above, the applicant may be unreliable. As an employer, you want an employee who will remain loyal and stay in one place (a few months at least). If an applicant has too many prior jobs, or they show signs of being a job hopper, the applicant may not make a good temp worker.  

Make the Most of the Interview Process

During the interview, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the candidate, on both a personal and professional level. To make the most of your interview, questions that can accurately measure a person’s reliability. Such as:  

• Have you ever not given two weeks’ notice before resigning from a job?  

• Even though you are a temp worker, would you consider working for our company if you were offered a permanent position?

• What is the longest time you have ever remained employed at a single job?

• During the course of a single year, approximately how many days per month would you say you call in sick?

When your interviewee responds, please pay close attention. If the candidate frequently calls in sick, does not give adequate notice before resigning, or hops from job to job, you may want to move in another direction.

Here at Nesco Resources, we only hire the most reliable and experienced temp workers for your IT or engineering company. Our goal is to ensure your company is staffed with employees who can contribute to your overall vision. Contact us today for more information about our staffing services.