Each year, millions of workers are injured in the workplace. This fact may seem discouraging, but many of these injuries could have been prevented if the right safety protocols were in place. As a business owner, you have a moral and legal obligation to ensure your workplace is safe for your temporary employees. Unfortunately, there are just some workers who refuse to take safety seriously. If you are having difficulty getting your temp employees engaged in workplace safety measures, consider utilizing some of the following tips.

Offer Incentives

Have you considered using incentives? Many business owners do not, but rewarding employees and teams that follow safety procedures and avoid accidents can work in your favor. The incentive you decide to use is up to you, but more than likely, it will provide extra encouragement in regards to workplace safety standards.  

Post Safety Bulletins and Posters

Posters and safety bulletins can be used to inform and make a bold statement. By posting safety bulletins in common areas where they can be seen by all, you are showing that you are fully committed to safety. When choosing colors, be sure to choose bright colors with captivating images. Once they are designed consider posting them in the following areas:  

• Breakroom  

• Lunch or dining room

• Lobbies

Encourage the Reporting of Unsafe Behavior

At first, many workers may be worried about reporting safety violations, especially if they realize doing so can get their co-workers in trouble. To combat this fear, emphasize workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility, and when one person doesn’t take it seriously, the well-being and safety of others is put at risk. To put others at ease, you may also want to ensure that all reports of safety violations remain anonymous.  

Hold Classes and Workshops

Getting things out in the open always helps, especially when it comes to workplace safety. Classes and workshops are excellent venues for educating employees. They can also be used to start a serious dialogue and address any questions or concerns your workers may have.  

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