Did you know that your body builds up tolerance to heat (acclimatization) and configures itself to adjust when regularly working in heat? However, this does not mean that the body can prevent heat related illnesses completely. Heat illnesses are dangerous for new and temporary employees on the job because their bodies have not been able to acclimate to the heat and prepare.


"Acclimatization is a physical change that the body undergoes to build tolerance to heat, and it is a critical part of preventing heat illnesses and fatalities,"said Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. "Over the past three years, lack of acclimatization was the cause in 74 percent of heat-related citations issued. Employers have a responsibility to provide workplaces that are safe from recognized hazards, including outdoor heat."


For more information about acclimatization and heat related illnesses visit Nesco online or OSHA.