Every employer wants to hire workers who are intellectually and emotionally qualified to do the job, but unfortunately, many employers overlook social skills during the recruiting process. Employees, unless they work in a solitary profession, must be capable of working and forming positive emotional bonds with others if they want to be productive; however, it can be hard to screen employees for social skills. If you are in need of more socially developed employees, you may be able to benefit from hiring a social engineering candidate.

Traits of Well-Socialized Candidates

When employees fail to work well together, company-wide productivity and revenue suffers, and this constant dysfunction can wear down any business. When hiring, you will want to look for the following traits in candidates:

• Sensitivity – The ability to understand and empathize with others.

• Self-Control – The ability to control one’s actions and limit impulsive behavior.

• Self-Awareness – An understanding of oneself and how one’s actions and words impact others.

• Social Intelligence – Knowledge of how to influence the feelings, behaviors and perceptions of others.

When a candidate demonstrates that they possess the traits above, they probably possess the social skills your team needs.

Assessing the Social Intelligence of Candidates

As an employer, you would probably like to know how to assess the social intelligence of your candidates. This may seem difficult, but with the correct tools, it is possible to develop an adequate understanding of someone else’s social skills. There are numerous personality tests available to companies, and they can provide you with an overview of a candidate’s personality. Many of these tests are developed by psychologists and behavioral experts, and provide fairly accurate results. If you want to observe how a candidate will act firsthand, try inviting them to lunch or a company outing to see their interactions with others.

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