Just like any major professional project you undertake, the success of your job search relies on how strategic you are. If you are trying to “wing it” without an intentional plan, crucial deadlines or details may fall through the cracks and potentially cost you opportunities. Check out these tips for staying organized during your job search:

Document the Details

You cannot successfully track your progress if you do not document the details of your job search. Pick a system, such as a spreadsheet, project management app, or journal, to record keynotes for each job you apply for. This includes the date you applied, job title, where you found the job listing, hiring manager name and contact information, and the overall outcome.

Set Up a Filing System

It can make you look unprofessional if you accidentally submit a cover letter addressed to the wrong person or company or a resume with an incomplete file name. Set up a filing system with how you name and where you save your job search files. Keep a consistent style with file names (such as Name Company Position Document Type) and store files in folders for specific employers to reduce the risk of submitting the wrong version.

Create a Regular Routine

If you are not consistent with your job search, it is difficult to make progress since so much relies on timing. Waiting until you feel motivated or only sporadically working on your job search puts you at risk of missing job postings. Stay on top of your job search goals by creating a regular routine. Pick certain tasks to perform on specific days of the week, or set aside a designated block of time in your day for job search.

Plan Ahead

When you land an interview, make the best impression possible and stay organized by planning ahead. Make a checklist of everything you will need to do and get it completed in advance. This includes researching the company, practicing your key points, printing out extra copies of your resume, getting directions, and allowing yourself extra time to get to the interview location, and laying out your interview attire the evening before. You will be able to focus on your interview and not be distracted or flustered.

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