With the economy on the rebound, there are more temp jobs available than ever. Working as a temp can be an excellent opportunity to build your resume, experience a new workplace and possibly get your foot in the door of a company. It’s also a great way to get hired for a permanent job — if you meet the employer’s expectations.

Temp jobs are on the rise. In fact, a 2016 survey of global executives showed that 51 percent plan to increase their use of contingent or temporary workers in the next three to five years. In fact, a study from Ardent Partners estimates that temporary employees will make up 45 percent of the average company’s workforce by 2017.

That said, there are right and wrong ways of approaching your temp assignment. Here are some dos and don’ts:


Look professional. Regardless of what kind of work you do, having a professional image is essential. Employers have the right to impose and enforce dress-code policies, as long as they don’t discriminate on age, race, color, religion, gender or national origin. That said, many workplaces consider some types of attire unprofessional or inappropriate. That goes for tattoos and nose rings. So whether you’re working on the factory floor or at a desk in an office, adhere to the company dress code.

Be easy to train. While it’s natural for anyone to get confused when they are learning new software, equipment or processes, be sure not to show any frustration. Be prepared with questions, pay careful attention to what you’re being taught and take copious notes. What’s more, once training is completed, thank your co-worker for their time and effort.

Expect no support. Too often, workers in companies are over-taxed with tight deadlines and an increasing workload. That said, expect you will need to learn on your feet and understand your coworkers won’t have much time to help you.


Assume you’re entitled to company perks. Unless offered to you, resist the urge to help yourself to snacks, supplies or coffee. Don’t assume you’re invited to the company holiday party or picnic. As a temp, you need to respect boundaries within the work space. Chances are you can benefit from those perks, but wait to be offered. Don’t get too familiar too fast.

Criticize or offer unsolicited advice on company processes or procedures. While it may be tempting to offer up a better solution, wait to learn the reasons why your department follows certain procedures. A better solution may be impossible because of protocols, regulations or other reasons.

As these tips show, approaching your temp job with the right attitude and work ethic can help make your temp job last. The job climate has never been better for those seeking temporary employment. Get started now by visiting the Nesco Resource website.