For many workers, socializing with co-workers can be a painful experience, but for others, it can be a way to gain new friends and advance your career at the same time. Socializing at work may seem like a strange professional strategy, but it can work. If you are currently thinking about advancing your career, you should start socializing with co-workers for the following reasons.


Did you know you can actually learn from your co-workers? Many people do not know this, but in reality, if you are not socializing, you may be passing up numerous learning opportunities. Your co-workers may have specialized knowledge or skills you do not possess that makes the job you are doing easier. Unfortunately, if you never talk to your co-workers, much of this knowledge will go unlearned.  

Make Communication Easier

When you regularly socialize with your co-workers outside of normal work hours, it will be far easier to communicate with them when the time to actually work on a project arrives. Let’s face it – no one wants to work with someone they feel uncomfortable around, and if you don’t know how to talk to your co-workers, it can be difficult to work as a team.  

Increased Happiness Equals Increased Productivity

Work is usually not synonymous with “happiness,” but when you are happy at work, you will probably be more productive. Working with people you enjoy being around can be extremely pleasurable, and during tough projects, you will feel more supported and focused. In short, having friends in the workplace can make work a bit more exciting.  

Earn a Higher Salary

Studies show that employees who socialize with their co-workers tend to earn higher salaries and have access to more advancement opportunities. This is certainly an incentive for many workers to socialize, and if you are trying to make your way up the corporate ladder at work, your co-workers and supervisors may be more willing to assist you if you are on friendly terms with them. Often, these individuals can provide you with tips and guidance if you want to progress through the ranks.  

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