It is very important to prevent slips, trips and falls. Use the following list to identify the top ten common hazards associated with these types of injuries. 


1. Contaminants on the Floor  

    • Includes water, oil, and grease.

2. Poor Drainage

    • Pipes and drains.

3. Indoor Walking Surface Irregularities

    • Uneven floor surfaces.

4. Outdoor Walking Surface Irregularities

    • Holes, rocks, and debris.

5. Weather Conditions:  

    • Ice and Snow

6. Poor Lighting  

7. Stairs and Handrails

8. Step stools and Ladders

9. Trip Hazards: Clutter  

    • Includes hoses, wires and cables.

10. Improper Use of Floor Mats and Runners  

    • Prevent slips, trips, and falls by wearing slip resistant shoes, clean and maintain work space, and use barriers or other indicators.