As an employer, you may find yourself having to choose between a candidate with multiple degrees and a candidate with more experience. Having to choose between two well-qualified candidates can be difficult, but there are steps you can take to simplify the hiring process. If you have to choose between brains and experience, here are some things to consider.

Who Will Require Less Training?

When it comes to choosing the right employee, you want a worker who can do their job properly and efficiently. This means you will want to choose the employee who requires the least amount of training or assistance. If a candidate has multiple degrees, but no hands-on experience, they may need more training before they can actually start working. On the other hand, if a candidate with more experience does not understand a certain intellectual aspect of the job, they may need additional training.  

Take Multiple Factors Into Consideration

As a hiring manager or employer, your ultimate goal is to hire the most qualified employees. To do this, you will need to consider the following factors:  

• Educational background  

• Years of experience

• Personality

• Work history

• References

If a candidate has an extensive education, but a brief work history, you may want to think twice about hiring them. Conversely, if an employee has a decade of experience but no degree, they may be the better choice.

Does the Vacant Position Really Require a Degree?

As an employer, ask yourself if the job you are hiring for really requires a degree. There are certain careers, primarily in the fields of medicine, law and engineering, where a worker must possess some sort of specialized education in order to do their job correctly. If you are hiring in one of these fields, you may not be able to budge on the degree requirement. However, if the position does not require a degree, it may be acceptable to place more emphasis on work experience. 

You Don’t Have to Compromise Education for Experience

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