The IT industry is unique in many ways, but one of its defining features is it is largely staffed with independent workers. Many IT workers do not collaborate with others and many choose to freelance instead of work for large corporations. For these reasons, independence is one of the most important traits an IT worker can possess. Unfortunately, as an employer, it can be difficult to evaluate whether an individual is suited for this type of work environment. Luckily for you, the following tips may be able to help you better gauge a candidate’s ability to work independently.

Ask the Right Questions

Questions are the essence of any face-to-face interview, and asking them is an easy way to learn about your candidates. When interviewing a potential employee, be sure to ask questions related to independence. Try utilizing some of the following questions during your next interview: 

  •  Do you prefer to work alone or in groups?

• Do you enjoy working in an environment that encourages collaboration?

• What is your approach to working on group projects?

• Would you feel comfortable working alone for long stretches of time?

Some of the questions above are more overt than others, but they all give you some insight into a candidate’s personality.

Focus on Past Roles and Projects

As mentioned above, you will need a reliable way to determine your candidate’s ability to work independently. During the interview, focus on the candidate’s past roles and projects – this will give you a significant amount of information about the individual’s preferred work style. How often did the candidate work alone? How often did they involve other workers when working on a task? These are simple, yet effective questions you can ask yourself when reading over an employee’s work history.  

Let Us Do the Hard Work

Learning how to interview for independence can be hard, but wouldn’t it be easier if another company could do the hard work for you? Here at Nesco Resource, we can find you independent IT workers who are qualified to fill your positions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your IT company find the best temp workers in the area.