The new year brings so many new challenges, including increasing need for new employees. Are you looking to hire this new year? Follow these simple tips below to make the hiring process easy and get the employees you need, when you need them.  

Plan and prepare

Create a plan for new positions. What positions do you need to hire for? What are the specifics and job duties for those positions? Clearly defining roles will aide in the hiring process to ensure enough employees are brought into the workplace as well as ensuring all performance needs for your organization are met.

Keep safety first

Safety in the workplace is always the top priority. Promote safety to your workers by keeping up with COVID-19 standards and protocols - ensure cleaning schedules, social distancing, facial coverings, PPE and workplace sanitation are being upheld. Review safety information with employees and check in regularly to answer any questions or review any safety concerns in the workplace.

Scheduling and flexibility

Provide employees with scheduling flexibility to promote a healthy work environment. When available, offer employees the opportunity to work remotely or on a split schedule. Whether they are focusing on childcare needs or needing to take care of an elderly family member, have flexible options in place in case they need them.

Promote within

Promote employees from within and engage with more responsibilities. Showing employees you are happy with the work they are doing and increasing their responsibilities in the workplace allows you to hire in temporary help at a lower cost. Hire temporary associates to aide in meeting goals, getting back on track or for short term or long-term specific assignments. Whether you need someone for one day or a more long-term assignment, working with a staffing partner gives you flexibility when you need it.

Work with a staffing firm to make hiring easy

Work with Nesco Resource to make your hiring needs a breeze. We offer customizable solutions to fit your needs daily. Regardless of how long you need employees, we’re here to help. Contact your local Nesco Resource branch today to learn more.