Taking credit for another person’s work is never acceptable, especially in the workplace. Unfortunately, as an employer, you may have noticed one of your workers taking credit for work they did not complete or even help to complete. If you refuse to acknowledge such bad behavior, you can alienate your other workers and give the offending employee a sense of complacency. Here are some tips you can follow if you are faced with the prospect of disciplining a “credit stealing” employee.

The Value of Feedback

If you notice an employee taking credit for another employee’s work, consider offering more feedback. This approach may seem counterintuitive to many employers, but it can help the dishonest employee understand where their performance falls short. Once they recognize these shortcomings and are provided with the resources they need to improve, they will be less likely to take credit for another employee’s work.  

When Should You Get Involved?

Before dishing out a harsh punishment, understand the severity of the situation. If the situation can be worked out between the two employees, you may not need to get involved. However, take action if the following happens:  

• The employee takes credit for the work of others on a regular basis.  

• You receive multiple complaints from other employees about their behavior.

• The employee attempts to take credit for an extremely important project.

• The employee lies about taking credit for another person’s work, even when there is sufficient proof.

If any of the situations listed above occurs, you may want to consider disciplinary action. If the person continues to take credit, you may need to consider termination.

The Consequences of Failing to Act

Employers who fail to discipline or terminate dishonest employees may be unknowingly sabotaging the atmosphere of the workplace. If other employees notice you do not enforce rules regarding honesty and integrity, they will be less likely to follow the rules that are in place. They will also be less likely to work in groups or cooperate.  

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