Every year, millions of Americans are hired within companies to begin a new role or take on new responsibilities. In an ever-changing workforce, now more than ever, it’s important to recognize the intrinsic value diversity has in building a better organization. Promoting diversity within your organization can make all the difference in defining the success of your company and your employees.

Glassdoor reports 67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities and more than 50% of current employees would like to see increased diversity in their workplace. Are you communicating to prospective employees that you are a diverse organization?

To create a culture that supports and recognizes employees from all backgrounds consider the following:

  • Clearly communicate and demonstrate company culture including values and mission.
  • Implement opportunities to engage employees like employee resource groups or mentoring programs.
  • Promote diversity in the workplace. Recognize holidays and encourage employee participation in celebrations.
  • Bring in speakers or resources to promote diversity. Offer webinars or guests to speak to groups about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Statistically, organizations that have a diverse workforce are 35% more likely to be not only profitable but have a higher financial return than others in their industries. That’s because diversity leads to innovation, better decision making and problem solving. Equity also plays an important role in the workplace. Equity means recognizing that not everyone has the same advantages in their careers, and acknowledging that there may need to be adjustments to make up for that disparity. As an organization, are you ensuring that all employees are provided the same access to opportunities? Regardless of position or status, are there any biases that need to be defined or addressed?

It’s not enough for companies to recognize diversity, there must also be action behind it. Being inclusive is not only welcoming the differences but creating environments where these differences can thrive, drive positive change, and welcomes and encourages these differences.

Whether your employees are full-time, part-time, temporary or contract, inclusion means everyone is part of the bigger picture, regardless of title or status. When employees feel engaged and included, there is better performance, greater productivity, a greater sense of belonging and it even lessens turnover in organizations.

Consider the following when reviewing inclusion in the workplace:

  • Administer company surveys. Listen to employee feedback and work with employees to identify opportunities and solutions.
  • Respect contributions from all levels of the organization. Acknowledge personal wins for employees, regardless of title or status.
  • Make sure your employees are heard and valued. Promote employee engagement and open communication within your organization. Support opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

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